Happy New Year!

I am not much for partying, but I have been binge watching the Lawrence Welk Show all evening. There are so many episodes it will last me all next year.

Loba and Zorro are dancing at the park, I am glad for my noise cancelling headphones. Zorro is blowing his police whistle all the time and Loba is howling. Sometimes, I can’t believe we are in the same family.

Loba ‘s New Year resolution is to keep better house (same as last year), mine is to write my memoirs. Zorro is not making a resolution; he made a list of grievances instead.

  1. Why is the doghouse so messy?
  2. Why can’t he go back to Earth and why was he not a police dog?
  3. Why did he not get bacon and all the good food Flurry got?
  4. Why was he not recognized as a pedigree dog on Earth?
  5. Why was he not an indoor dog?
  6. Why could he not mark the Christmas tree?
  7. Why could he not bite the postman?

Hmm, I wonder if 2023 will be difficult.

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