Financial Advisor – Angel Dog Diary

Zorro has hired Cash to be his financial advisor. Zorro wants to be as rich as Toff! Or preferably, richer.

“It is easy,” explained Cash. “You buy shares when the price is low, wait for the value to go up and then you sell. Can’t fail. That will be 5 tins please, payment due on demand.”

“But wait a minute, can the shares go down in value?” I asked. “Then you lose money.”

“Just don’t buy any that will go down and shares mostly go up,” said Cash, “don’t worry. And if you want to be really rich, you borrow money at low interest and buy shares that goes up fast. It is called leveraging. The more you invest, the richer you get.”

Zorro looked starstruck, but I did not know what to think. Surely you can’t make money by borrowing money. What about work?

“Work does not pay,” said Cash. “That is a misconception, investing pays.”

I was still not convinced, and I could see I was annoying Cash with all my questions. “All right,” said Cash, “nothing is completely safe. What do you want, to get rich quick buying risky shares or have a lower return from safer shares?

“I want safe shares that gives a high return,” I answered. Cash looked bewildered.

“Payment for my advice is due now,” said Cash.

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