10 Best Dog Breeds for Personal Protective Dog Breeds

Protective instincts rank pretty high when running down the list of desirable traits in a new family pet. There are numerous reasons to want a guard dog: to keep your property safe, for personal protection, or as a live doorbell for visitors.

Unfortunately, guard dogs usually get a bad reputation for being dangerous and vicious, but that’s not completely correct. The traits that make these breeds the best protectors make them wonderful family pets.

A pet can add a sense of safety to any home. However, there are some families who want to go one step further and bring home a dog that can genuinely offer protection from unwanted people entering.

If you are looking for the right dog to protect you, your family, or your belongings, some dogs are born with the instinct to act as guard dogs.

The best dog breeds for security usually have a strong loyalty to you and your family, are observant, are highly alert, and act obediently. A perfect guard dog is typically big, fearless, and responsive to training. Keep reading to find out which dog breeds will help you keep your family secure.

Best Dog Breeds for Personal Protection

Here are ten dog breeds that generally serve well as protectors and friends if you consider getting a guard dog.

1. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Malinois are intelligent dogs, competent, and love to work. They can be trained to do almost anything and are favorites for trained executive protection dogs. These dogs are fiercely loyal and will defend you at all costs.

Belgian Malinois are highly flexible to your needs and can mingle with other dogs, pets, children, and adults. They also travel well, making them the ideal protection dog to take with you on the road, whether you are just traveling for business or on vacation.

2. German Shepherds

German shepherd puppy price

German Shepherds are obedient, strong, and incredibly smart. They were bred especially for their intelligence and the ability to learn commands quickly. For these reasons, they are usually chosen to serve challenging roles helping police and rescue or search teams.

They are smart and affectionate around children and adults alike but will stand up to dangers from strangers. These lively dogs love to work and need lots of physical exercises, making them ideal dogs for families who love to get out and go on adventures.

3. Bullmastiff


Bullmastiffs are strong, large, and emphatic dogs that often exceed 110 pounds. They have an inbuilt security instinct and will use their substantial physical strength to ward off intruders easily. Despite being tough protection dogs, Bullmastiffs are very docile in a family environment and make excellent household pets.

Gamekeepers originally developed the Bullmastiff to guard their estates against poachers. In addition, the breed is used to protect homes and businesses by the armed forces and police.

4. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet. They are also loyal, highly alert, and incredibly fast and strong. These features make them ideally fitted to the role of a protection dog.

Another helpful characteristic of Doberman Pinschers is their loud bark which can threaten even the bravest intruders. Because of their brilliance, Doberman Pinschers are very trainable. As a result, they are well suited for military or police work and as private protection dogs.

These fast and high-energy dogs are great for home protection and generally aren’t aggressive with outsiders unless they notice something is wrong.

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

A Rhodesian Ridgeback is for you if you are looking for a reliable companion. Initially bred to hunt lions and are hard and resilient with a strong game drive. They also make great companions due to their surprisingly loving natures.

They are great for personal protection and will keep your family safe. In addition, they are energetic and strong-willed and need constant training and vigorous exercise.

They are known to be devoted and inherently protective. They are short-haired pups and generally weigh 75 pounds. They can be socialized around big families, kids, and other pets, making them excellent all-around dogs.

6. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Initially bred for bullfighting, American Staffordshire Terriers are escorts and pack dogs by nature. They are very brave dogs and will fight selflessly to save their owners.

It’s essential to note that American Staffordshire terriers are fierce and protective by nature, so socialization is important. Once adequately socialized, however, they make excellent family pets.

7. Rottweiler

What Should I Know Before Owning A Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweilers are wonderfully loving and alert to their families while simultaneously suspicious of strangers and people they haven’t met.

These dogs have earned a bad reputation over the years for aggression, but this can be beneficial if you’re looking for a protection dog. One look at your family pet and attackers will assume twice about messing with you.

Rottweilers need to be trained and managed by dog owners who understand how to work with this breed, but if accomplished right, they can be a perfect addition to a family.

8. Akita


Akitas are dominant, strong, and powerful dogs with an instinct to guard their territory and treat outsiders with fear. They were initially bred to hunt large game like deer, black bears, and wild boar.

They are bred in Japan to protect the royals and are an excellent option for your family. However, they can be standoffish, and it’s important to have them around socialization so they develop aggressive movements.

Akitas can weigh from 70 to 130 pounds and have a life longing of 10 to 13 years. Moreover, they are incredibly affectionate and intensely loyal to the family.

9. Giant Schnauzers

Giant Schnauzers

Giant Schnauzers are calm, intelligent dogs that are easily trained and intensely loyal to their owners. A well-trained Akita will take the role of protection very seriously. They are attentive, brave, and fiercely loyal to their owners, making them a perfect option for protecting people and property.

Giant Schnauzers are extremely well suited to the sport as of their innate intelligence and learning ability. However, they are inherently wary of strangers and tend to be assertive with people and animals they don’t know; therefore, socialization is important.

10. Cane Corso

Complete Guide On Cane Corso – Read Before You Get One

Cane Corsos are smart, trainable, and confident protectors. Big dogs generally weigh around 100 pounds or so, but some reach even bigger sizes. They even stand up to 27 inches at the shoulder and have big, impressive heads, which combine to prevent many would-be threats.

Their intense size is the first line of defense. They are keen to please and loyal yet extremely strong and could end up owning an unwitting owner. Moreover, they need socialization, training, and an owner ready for a skilled bodyguard.


So, these are the best protection dog breeds. The cost of a protection dog frightens most people away, but they are intelligent, loving, and capable partners who will defend your kids and your home.

They will protect you at all costs and can be adaptable enough to travel with you on vacation and business. Moreover, we recommend consulting a certified dog trainer if you need help or advice about training and socializing a protection dog.

Swati Kaushal is a blogger who loves writing about Dogs. She is happy to amplify her unique knowledge and experience through DogExpress in the hope of helping and educating concerned pet owners. She has two dogs and believes dogs are a source of unconditional love.

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